About Us

Captaining this love boat are two queer femme frands navigating the choppy waters of their late twenties, their non-monogamaous partnerships, and their respective quests for the most sensible, least sensible looking brunch shoe.

Buffy (she/her) is a delighted feminist killjoy, a rabid consumer of slasher flicks, an eternal 90s fan grrrl, a showboat masochist, and a big ol’ slut. She’s worked in sex education, journalism, and sex work, and has more takes on liquid eyeliner than most internet dudes have on the oxford comma. Queer as a three dollar bill and femme as fuck, Buffster’s been “in the scene” for close to a decade and woo doggie does she have ~oPiNiOnS~

Roz (they/them) is a queer fix-it femme, kitchen witch, and all-around joyful provocateur. As an educator, Roz has taught at the NELA Fetish Flea, Bondage Expo Dallas, and events all around the Twin Cities, with a focus on knotty intersection of body image, queer feminisms, and bondage. Bottoms Up’s resident mixologist, Roz has some Opinions about (in)appropriate cocktail garnishes, whiskey/liquid lipstick pairings, and cheese service.